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We pulled together our 40 years’ experience in BACS and direct debits and created easy to understand week long bite sized email course.

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APT - BACS Approved Payments Software & Bureau

Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for many customers, with its popularity growing year after year. The concept is perfect – you can get paid on time without having to chase for it.

Sounds great until trying to implement it for your business for the first time or being assigned to your company’s Direct Debit operation and being met with complicated rules and strict regulations.

Disclaimer: This email course is NOT officially accredited by Bacs and should be used only as an additional informational source in conjunction to Bacs official training material.


Email course covers:

What is Bacs

Covering the fundamentals.

Application process

What is needed to apply for sponsorship from your bank (Service User Number) and how long it takes.

Direct Debit collection process

The ways you can manage your direct debit and how to prepare an error free collection file.

Bacs Reports

How to understand reporting system provided by Bacs and using it to maintain up to date details of your clients and reducing the amount of rejections.

How to deal with Indemnity Claims

An Indemnity Claim is the notification of any payments which are being disputed by your Payer. Learn the process and how to challenge or counter the claim.

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