Contingency Cover

Contingency Cover is provided as a backup to your own BACSTEL-IP system in the event that your company is unable to transmit to BACS.

As long as the necessary data is received in time by APT, we will transmit the file on you behalf for processing on the required date.

Set Up

As a BACSTEL-IP user, you must have registered APT Bureau as your Contingency provider with your bank under our Bureau number is B41022.

Change of Details

You must notify us of any changes to your bank details and the layout of your file from your payroll or accounting system. A new file must be submitted in order that we can amend your template.

Guidelines in case of an ‘Emergency’

If you cannot transmit to BACS at all:

  • Phone APT immediately on 020 8760 9898 no later than 3.00pm.
  • Fax us the Emergency BACS File Transmission form, on which you will be required to re-confirm your bank details and user number/s.
  • Send us your file(s). You can send them electronically, to, or on disk. APT must have received the files by 4.00pm the day prior to the Processing Date.
  • If manual input is required to capture the necessary data, an extra charge will be made. APT however reserves the right to delay the processing of this file, if the volume and timescale are unacceptable.

APT will confirm that the file has been transmitted to BACS, either by telephone or e-mail, and if required the Pre-Submission Listing will be emailed or posted to you.


The charges for Contingency cover are as follows:

  1. Annual Charge - This annual charge entitles you to up to 5 free file transmissions a year.Please refer to the Bureau Service Price List for charges thereafter.Please contact APT for further information on these charges at


This cover is for a minimum of 12 months and can be cancelled by giving APT three months notice prior to the renewal date.