"APT’s speedy response to always helps to ensure we deliver the best experience possible."

Priyesh Shavdia, Accounting Head at DSK

APT iConnect - BACS Approved Payments Software & Bureau

Authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority

Over 2500

Active users

49 million

Transactions processed annually

£40 billion

Transfered annually

DSK Partners LLP

‘Previously our clients would transfer their money into our client account and then we would manually input all the information to our online banking system. It would take more than half a day of manpower to process these payments for our clients. It was not an efficient use of our time.
Today, with APT’s Bureau help, the same task now takes us less than half an hour. This time saving makes such a big difference to our team.’ Says Priyesh.

To be able to use our Bureau system, KMP had to ask their clients to request an indirect Service User Number from their bank.

‘The hard part was getting our clients to set up their Service User Number with their bank. The team at APT helped us all the way through the process, advising us of the easiest way to explain why this was important, and helping with simple technical information which we could then provide to our clients to enable a seamless transition.

And from there it was really easy – we would simply give all the information to Nicky Chowne, Bureau Manager, and she would setup everything APT needed to get started.’

Ease of use and the ongoing support is the key reason Priyesh recommends APT’s Bureas to other companies. He acknowledges that the system works well and if anything happens, his team can always rely on APT’s excellent customer support.


‘It is important to us that our clients are happy with the services provided. APT’s speedy response to always helps to ensure we deliver the best experience possible.’

‘APT’s team was fantastic in helping us implement this new system and continues to be very very helpful. A great extension to the services we provide.’

Thank you for Priyesh Shavdia, Accounting Head at DSK, for your time in answering our questions and best of luck with the business!

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