Bank Account Validation

Why validate bank account details?

Increasingly, companies want to be able to check the accuracy of account details in their electronic payments. With the advent of Paperless Direct Debit sign up, Originators need to be able to check instantly that the bank account details they have been given are valid. This helps to reduce the number of returned payments and the costly correction process that follows.

The complete validation package

APT can provide the complete ISCD. These are directories that combine a number of key databases. They contain information about all banks/building societies connected to any of the UK clearing systems: BACS, CHAPS, Cheque and Credit Clearing. The directories contain a record for each bank/building society branch and other financial institutions involved in the UK payment systems. They include the sorting code, branch details and details of the bank that settles transactions for the branch in each of the clearings.

APT Provides the ISCD in 3 different ways:

1. Validata
ValiData is an online service, developed by APT, which brings together the different sort code and banking databases into a single file of information.

 2. Validata Intergrated (API)
ValiData can be embedded within your application or sit alongside your existing database and payment application for immediate on-line checking of data.

 3. The complete database
This is the raw, complete ISCD database from BACS in a tab delimited format

APT provides two versions of account verification software – an Online service for instant access or Integrate it into your own database for more flexibility.

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