BACS Commercial Bureau Service

APT has been an Approved BACS Bureau since 1981 and is authorised to make and collect payments on behalf of organisations not wishing to submit files directly to BACS themselves. This service allows you to make regular payments or Direct Debit collections to BACS without the need to purchase software or having the responsibility of ensuring that files are transmitted correctly to BACS.

The APT Bureau Service can transmit various types of transactions to BACS on your behalf, such as Direct Debit (membership fees, annual subscriptions etc), payroll and supplier payments as well as any irregular applications such as refunds or expenses. By automating your payments and collections in this way, you can enjoy the benefits of predictable and controlled cash flow as this service allows you to control precisely when you wish the payments or collections to be made.

What is the first step?

You will need to be registered as an Indirect Submitter and have been allocated a Service User number. To do this, please contact the Relationship Manager of your account holding bank for the relevant forms. APT will be happy to assist you with completion of this form, and sort out any queries.

The APT Bureau Service is accessed though our website and each customer has their own secure login to upload files for processing or download listings and invoices.

For more information on our Bureau service, please contact us .

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