International Payments

We are excited to be offering international payments in partnership with EarthportFX.

EarthportFX provides a simpler and more cost-efficient way for businesses and individuals to manage payments internationally with offering competitive exchange rates and an expert service.

EarthportFX offer a tailored solution to suit your business needs:

  • Spot FX - Lock in the current rate for settlement within two working days.
  • Forward contracts - Lock in your desired rate today for settlement on a pre-determined future date.
  • Market orders - Tell us your target rate and we’ll trade automatically when it’s hit.
  • Incoming payments - Receive payments in multiple currencies directly from your customers via Card or bank transfer

For more information about EarthportFX and to set up an account, please speak to one of our specialist today
on 020 8760 9898 or email us at and we can discuss your requirements