Product List

APT offers a range of products to enable organisations to improve their efficiency and save costs by eliminating some of the time consuming and manual processes in their daily administration. Our products and services are particularly suited to the smaller organisations new to the BACS arena.

iConnect - BACSTEL-iP compliant system suitable for a host of applications and environment.

Encryption File Uploader - The File Uploader – Encrypts and uploads payment files from the client server to the APT iConnect server automatically. This feature enables the administrators to pre define the files per profile and eliminates user error/criminal activity when browsing for the file. This allows user payment files to be uploaded to the iConnect server automatically when the files are available in the specified location on the client server.

DataSafe - Encrypts plain text BACS files from payroll/financial system, thereby ensuring they cannot be viewed or fraudulently edited.

Bureau Service - The APT Bureau Service can transmit various types of transactions to BACS on your behalf, such as Direct Debit (membership fees, annual subscriptions etc), payroll and supplier payments as well as any irregular applications such as refunds or expenses.

ValiData - Online service which allows the instant checking of bank account details.

Contingency - APT can provide independent Contingency Cover for customers who are transmitting files to BACS, regardless of which BACSTEL-iP software they are using.

FaxMail - The perfect complement to any supplier payment function, by automating the dispatch of Remittance Advices, Purchase Orders and Statements direct by fax or email.

Data Entry - Designed to help generate and control transactions such as payments or Direct Debits and ideal for ad-hoc transactions such as expenses, refunds or extra payroll payments.